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MotorSports NT has just celebrated it's tenth year as Peak Body for Territory motor sports. It has been an exciting time and our growth has been quite staggering given that we originally started with the 6 clubs that operated at the Hidden Valley Motor Sports Complex (HVMSC) in February 2007 to having 22 affiliated clubs across the Northern Territory and now represent over 10,000 licensed competitors, pit crew, volunteers and officials. Our surveys confirm that motor sports is arguably the most patronised of all Territory sports with over 190,000 spectators and participants annually!

It is interesting to note that the Northern Territory is the only Australian State/Territory that actually has a “Peak Sports Body” representing the interests of local motor sports and receiving funding from the Government annually to assist and support affiliated clubs.



MotorSports NT Participation

2017 NT Motorsport Statistics


• On average, clubs run approximately 12 events on a fortnightly/monthly basis over the season. Each month some 7,483 spectators attend MotorSports NT affiliated club events in the Northern Territory.

• Each of the MotorSports NT affiliated clubs sees a significant increase in spectators for Major Title Events. Some 30,279 Territorians flock to see major club events – this does not include the V8 Supercars, Finke Desert Race, Red Centre Nats or Superbikes.

• The annual total of spectators at MotorSports NT affiliated club Major Title events and monthly club events equates to some 89,796 each year.

• The Supercars, Superbikes, Finke Desert Race and Red Centre Nats attract approximately 76,794 spectators.

• Approximately 191,716 people spectate at motor sport events annually.


•5,087 licensed competitors are actively involved in motor sport in the Territory annually.  Each competitor has a vehicle related to the individual motor sport discipline and generally have a support crew of 2-4 people, this equates to some 11,500 pit crew and competitors involved in competitive racing annually.

Officials & Volunteers

• There are some 822 officials associated with MotorSports NT affiliated clubs. * This does not include the Supercars, Superbikes, Red Centre Nats or the Finke Desert Race.

• It takes approximately 10 hours on average for a club race meeting. Approximately 1,148,510 volunteer hours by club officials to set up and run race meetings. A further 15,000 hours could conservatively be expected to be expended on major events such as NT Titles across clubs.

• Club officials are also required to manage the day to day business of the individual motor sport discipline. This consists of regular committee meetings, national meetings and peak body dealings.

• Averages of 7-10 people are on committee’s for the various clubs and would meet on a minimum monthly basis for 3-4 hours. This would equate about another 7,680 hours in committee time across affiliated clubs annually.

• A further significant amount of volunteer hours goes into individual club working bees and maintenance and upgrades of facilities which is calculated at approximately 10,000 hours (22 affiliated clubs, 25 people for 5 hours at 4 working bees).

• A total of 2,448,710 hours in voluntary labour by officials and volunteers per annum.

• The average hourly rate is approximately $25. Therefore, approx $50,000,000 in kind is donated each year by officials and volunteers that are affiliated with MotorSports NT.


• Approximately 191,716 spectate annually at motor sport events in the Territory
• Approximately 8,354 licensed competitors, pit crews, volunteers and officials regularly participate at MotorSports NT affiliated club events
• Approximately 192,000 participants attended motor sport events in the Territory in 2017
• Some 2,448,710 hours in voluntary labour each year


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