Further to our advice issued yesterday, there are important updates for Stage 1 & Stage 2 of the Northern Territory Government's three-stage process to ease corona virus related restrictions.

The original advice that competitions could resume only at Stage 3 was on the basis of attracting spectators. Clarification has been sought and Stage 1 sports, resuming from 1 May 2020, are now advised that competitions can occur providing that they do not bring together spectators, and can meet the 1.5m physical distancing requirements.

For Stage 2 sports, resuming from 15 May 2020, competitions are able to resume on the same basis.

Competitions that bring together spectators and cannot meet 1.5m distancing requirements cannot occur until Stage 3, commencing 5 June 2020.

Updated Q&A’s have been published on the  Department of Tourism, Sport and Culture website  


For up-to-date information, please go to coronavirus.nt.gov.au    

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